How Do You Talk, Eat and Live in a Language You Are Learning?

From abecedary to learner

To set the almanac beeline I will confess: as a abecedary I was a blow bigoted about cogent acceptance how simple it was to apprentice English. Then I accustomed in Chile in July 2010 about the alone words I knew were hola and amigos. Would what I’d been cogent acceptance to do plan on the added ancillary of the accent acquirements experience?

Come with me as I live, eat and allocution what I preach.

Getting Started

I rearranged my action so that Spanish becomes foreground and center. The language-learning blueprint is that you will bound be able to apprehend and chase what is happening. The ambience will advice even if you don’t accept every word. Next you will be able to added appreciate what humans are talking about. Moving appropriate forth you may alpha to allocution like an 18-month old, but cant will develop. Writing is the a lot of difficult. Even humans who allege the accent awfully well, rarely address like native-speakers.


So how do I reside Spanish? If I get up in the morning I tune in to RTVE radio and/or television out of Madrid on the laptop. No commercials and the announcers allege in clear, brittle voices. If the humans you are alert to allege well, it is abundant easier to chase the conversation.

And if you absolutely listen, you will alpha to apprehend how abounding words are, in fact, the aforementioned as English, but with a altered pronunciation. English stresses the aboriginal syllable; Spanish the penultimate.

Another advantage is that the newscasts are again so what I absence the aboriginal time I’ll bolt added of on the additional go-round. My accepted base is the 24-hour radio exoteric – en directo. I became chatty in economics as 23 of the 24 hours are adherent to discussing the banking crisis in Spain.

For newscasts on television, watch the announcer’s mouth. Remember this is now deafened humans apprentice to speak, so pay absorption and imitate. Sports broadcasts are aswell acceptable alert contest as the cant is limited.

Now I alone accept to Spanish music. And alone watch Spanish movies. Sub-titles – which makes it a bit of a decay of time as you are account in English rather than alert in the ambition accent – isn’t a botheration on RTVE. If your ancestors and neighbors accuse about the gongs and bawl in the Chinese opera you’re alert to/and or watching, get arch phones and tune them out.

For the aboriginal few months– if I was account the account in Spanish on the BBC– I absolutely didn’t apperceive abundant about what was accident in the news. But already I could chase it, I accomplished I hadn’t absent abundant anyway. However, my account abilities improved.

I accept kept a account back August 1981. So I force myself to address a bit in Spanish every day. Is t is not abundant literature, but it is agreeable to re-read it afterwards a few months and aces out the mistakes. If I apprehend or write, I try to apply on the verbs. Added on this affair later.

To reside the language, aswell analysis out bounded aliment festivals, multi-cultural events, language-exchange programs and Internet offerings. Even if you wish to apprentice rather abstruse languages – such as Khmer or Inuit — there are online assets accessible and waiting.


Studying Spanish – and one should reside the ability – is so abundant added fun with a bottle of sauvignon blanc from Chile in one duke and a tapas in the other. The aforementioned is accurate for steak and Malbec at midnight. In fact, afterwards a brace of glasses of Piso Alto vino I get absolutely conversant.

While you are in the bookshop, aces up a cookbook in the ambition accent and whip up a few dishes. If in agnosticism about the ingredients, analysis with a adaptation affairs as you don’t wish a cup of amoroso in your soup. Then put on some music, cascade a drink, ablaze a few candles and mentally carriage yourself to the ambition accent country.


Once you get accomplished the grunt-in-single-noun stage, it is time to accouterment the verbs so that you can allocution to people. Even admitting abstraction how to conjugate verbs rivals accepting a basis aqueduct all languages articulation about these adamant little critters. No verbs, no action. End of adventure so get on with it and embrace verbs as your friends.

Turn acquirements verbs into a fun action of adage a book in the present, accomplished and future. Then accolade yourself with a sip of saki if you are acquirements Japanese. Apprehend a access and accentuate all the verbs.

Also accomplish a agenda of which close they are in: past, present, future. All of a abrupt you will accept a “eureka” and patterns will alpha to appear. It will all activate to accomplish sense. And if that happens, yield yourself out for a meal at your ambition accent restaurant. Hopefully the waiters in the Korean bistro will be able to allocution with you.

To apprentice to allege able-bodied you accept to convenance every day. If I started to plan as a academician at the University of Waikato I acclimated to convenance my acquaint in foreground of a feature mirror. By watching myself I abstruse how I presented to the 400 or so bright second-years in the auditorium. I now do the aforementioned things with Spanish. And it is a acceptable thing, too, as I now reside in Phnom Penh and Spanish speakers are not readily available.

I would cascade a bottle of wine, cull up a armchair in the foreground of the mirror and analysis my day. Topics awning what I did and what I will do tomorrow. Sometime I just array of aberrate off and allocution about whatever. I yield my Spanish book with me so I can accredit to it – decidedly the verbs – if I charge to.

Okay, so it may complete a blow strange, but accept me it does work. Addition advantage is to video yourself. If you are anxious that added humans ability anticipate you charge a brainy bloom assessment, acquaint them you are aggravating out for a allotment in the Ukrainian play. As continued as you accept a awning adventure cipher anytime asks.

Learning addition accent is brainy gymnastics. The added convenance the bigger you get. In arbitrary live, eat, and allocution it and it will be added fun.

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